Hexagon & Octagon Shutters

Hexagon Shutters
Octagon Shutters

Tracking down treatments for unusually shaped windows can be a challenge, especially when you are trying to find plantation shutters to fit and want everything to look wonderful.  Cool Shutters has the ideal answer to this.

Hexagon & Octagon Shutters

Our Ambiente collection of window shutters caters perfectly for hexagon or octagon shaped windows. Made to the very highest standards from premium quality hardwood materials, hexagon window shutters are delightful features and sure to enhance any period or contemporary home. Expertly handmade and designed with durability in mind, all of our octagon window shutters are precisely proportioned to fit seamlessly into your home. Make a feature window even more stunning. Have a shutter made to measure, and let us provide you with hexagon wooden window shutters or octagon interior shutters that are stylish, desirable and more affordable than you might imagine.    

Benefits of Hexagon Window Shutters and Octagon Shutters

  • Bespoke Designs to Suit Any Size Window
  • Adds to the Style of Specialty Shaped Windows
  • Makes it Easier to Shutter Hard to Cover Windows
  • Flawless Finishes
  • Huge Choice of Shades and Custom Colours

Hexagon Window Shutters in Cheshire

All of our octagon and hexagon window shutters in Cheshire are custom designed to suit your requirements and the style of the windows you have in your home.  No matter what the size or the shape of the windows, we are sure to have a shutter to fit. Our many years of experience ensures we have shuttering solutions to suit any age of property and the Ambiente collection of window shutters here at Cool Shutters has the perfect blend of contemporary chic and Mediterranean style.  

Please get in touch with us for a FREE quote for made to measure hexagon shutters, or call us today on 0800 470 2186 to arrange a no-obligation consultation inside your home.