Plantation Window Shutters

Stunning Plantation Shutters For All Window Styles

Cool Shutters are pleased to announce a beautiful, evocative range of regular plantation window shutters made from premium quality, classic hardwood materials to give any home the ideal finishing touch. Gorgeous in every single detail, these custom made plantation shutters are suitable for any room in your home due to its classic, timeless style, and handcrafted to the highest possible standards to give the maximum amount of pleasure.


Adding a touch of luxury to living rooms and totally transforming your house, our beautifully engineered custom plantation shutters are just as functional as they are stylish. With many different styles and finishes to choose from, you can easily find the ideal house shutters for your home, with all of the following options available on a bespoke, made-to-order basis:


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Here at Cool Shutters, we specialise in the Ambiente collection of wooden window shutters and offer a fully made to measure service for the benefit of our customers as part of their experience with us. Each of our regular shutter styles has stunning detail, and whether you like full height panels, tier on tier or café style shutters, we are sure to have the perfect solution for you, custom made and finished in our variety of shades and stains you can choose from.

plantation window shutters

Why don’t you book your quick consultation today and ask for a  FREE quote with no obligation for regular plantation shutters. You can call us on 0800 470 2181 for a friendly chat to discuss all options available to order and provide you with any advice you need.

plantation window shutter
plantation window shutters
wooden window shutters

More About Our Plantation Shutters

Cool Shutters are passionate about plantation shutters and know how attractive and appealing they make your home look.  We supply a diverse range of homes with desirable window treatments that are virtually maintenance free and look beautiful for years to come.

Our solid plantation shutters have many benefits including the ability to control light in your home, fit around small or awkward window sizes and ultimately cater for your tastes. We offer installation with our affordable window shutters to impeccable standards, offering genuine value for money and excellent standards of workmanship at all times. Deeply proud of our custom plantation shutters, we aim to deliver the best solutions for our clients through a product that is durable, long-lasting, and blessed with contemporary charm.

Our high quality shutters are idyllic and made with premium wooden materials. Once installed, our shutters will look absolutely beautiful in a diverse range of property styles, including traditional or contemporary homes

100% Hardwood Plantation Shutters

Ambiente plantation shutters from Cool Shutters are sure to enhance the value of any home. We hand-build each and every shutter to mirror designs inspired by Paris and Rome, with the intention of creating a clean and modern home interior, with less clutter and more wow factor. Available in your choice of size, our house shutters are made from 100% hardwood and come with a host of options, including colours and finishes to blend in seamlessly with your existing interior design.

Why Purchase our Made to Measure Plantation Shutters?

  • Perfect Blend of Privacy and Light
  • Unique Styles for Different Applications
  • Ideal for Awkward Window Shapes  
  • Countless Heritage Colours to Choose
  • Custom Made for a Precise Fit

Here at Cool Shutters, we supply and install wooden plantation shutters to fit perfectly in the space you require. They come with a host of options, with plantation shutters expertly made to fit with total precision, whilst offering the ideal blend of privacy and light control. Our solid Louvred window shutters are suitable for many applications, including full height window or door shutters, café style or tier on tier designs, and unusually shaped shutters for those awkward windows in your property.

With so many heritage colours to choose, and mix and match options to suit existing home décor, it’s possible to have custom plantation shutters fitted that mimic your lifestyle and give you many years of happiness.