How Social Media, Bloggers and Apps Can Help You Decorate Your Home

By January 8, 2018Interior Design
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Social media over recent years has experienced exponential popularity and is utilised by many for the most niche of industries. It offers us all a never ending mood board, exposing us to interior options we may not have known about or considered otherwise. As well as the obvious benefits such as visual inspiration – social media also acts as a place for people to discover ways to work smart, reduce environmental waste and save money when undergoing a renovation project. It’s these benefits that drive the need for new and exciting synchronocities between interiors and digital media.

When it comes to creative industries such as art and interior design, you’ll find that there’s an abundance of imagery and resources available on multiple platforms posted by bloggers, influencers and brands alike. These sources of imagery serve the purpose for interior design inspiration, whether you’re moving into a new home or updating your existing decor.

Decorating your home previously involved collating piles of interior design magazines together and sourcing a wealth of textiles from your local interiors stores. The process generally involved cutting and sticking pictures of furniture and fabrics together, which was both an artistic and time-consuming process. In our digital age however – we’ve taken a liking to decorating our homes from the palm of our hands. A simple capture of an image, upload or search into the various social media channels and apps can retrieve a plethora of results, eliminating any need for scissors and glue to collage your dream home.

Bloggers have also taken note of rising interior trends and have begun to incorporate this into their own content to both inspire and inform. They also make use of social media to expand their reach and share insight into how they decorate their homes. Bloggers give a personal opinion which many viewers opt to read due to its ‘humananised’ view of interior design.

Whether you’re a first time home owner or are in need for an interior refresh – our comprehensive guide will show you just how and why utilising social media platforms, bloggers and home planning tools will take your home decoration planning further than you’ve ever envisioned:

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How significant is social media for interior design?

Social media is a hub for quick shares and updates on every topic imaginable. This also means that account users are posting updates on new home purchases and finished results of their home decor. Social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram provide a great place to store such imagery and encourage social sharing, connections and feedback, making them great resources for quickly collating inspirational imagery on your desired home.

What social media platforms should I be using?

There’s a myriad of social media platforms that exist, but using the right ones that provide an easy and user-friendly interface is the best way to get the most out of your search for interior design inspiration. Below are three of the most commonly used social media channels that are highly worth utilising for inspirational purposes:

Pinterest - A visual pinboard of design inspiration

‘Pin it’ is a phrase most commonly associated with the platform Pinterest. It’s a platform that very much works like a pin board you might already have in your own home or in the office. This virtual pin board allows you to create several boards in relation to your own goals (as well as keep your ‘pins’ organised). Your boards can be shared with other users should you wish to get an opnion from fellow followers, friends or family.

If pinning isn’t quite up your street, then Pinterest allows you to follow other boards that come up on your news feed, giving you an abundance of inspiration everytime you open the app.

Instagram - A visually powered platform

Instagram drives the most engagement per post. Users utilise ‘hashtags’ (#) to encourage other users searching their hashtag to discover their images. One of the many wonders of using platforms like instagram and pinterest is that they’re both visually powered. An endless amount of brands, bloggers and influencers live on instagram and share photos of their most appealing images to appeal to the masses. If you have a favourite interior magazine, designer or brand, it’s very likely they’ll have an instagram that you can follow for updates.

Instagram has a specific feature that allows you to follow hashtags (for example: #homeinspiration or #nordicinteriors) which will alert you of when new posts are added to Instagram with these hashtags added to users posts.

Twitter – Speedy updates from brands and consumers alike

Twitter is another platform that makes use of hashtags, its home to a wide range of interior designers, businesses and bloggers who share both visuals and articles on all things interiors. Tweets with images are 150% more likely to get retweets – increasing your chances of exposure to other sources of inspiration,

For even more inspiration, search through some relevant hashtags. #Decorating, #Textiles, #InteriorDesign, and more are easily searchable. Get creative with your searches, too. If you’re looking for some seasonal trend inspiration, for example, try searching the hashtag #seasonaltrends

How blogs help us with home decorating

Blogs are a major outlet tool used by independent bloggers and corporate brands alike. They’re an extended platform to share tips and views in great lengths that social media doesn’t allow the room for.

There’s a vast amount of interior design blogs all over the web ranging from vintage to modern interiors. No niche is too small and you’re guaranteed to find the most specific styles with a simple search on social media or Google.

Their ‘influencer’ persona inspires others to mimic their own home decor style

A realistic home space from an independent blogger with a knack and strong interest in interiors is guaranteed to give you a more realistic perspective on how to decorate your own home. A blogger might promote symmetry, asymmetry, quirky or balanced interior design (or maybe even fuse some of these ideals to give a unique spin on home interiors).

A blog on a corporate page on the other hand can offer you with expert tips on how to style their own products in different ways, inform you of their latest offers and gives you insight into their design processes.

They’re always on the hunt for the latest (or oldest) interior design inspiration

Bloggers are highly active on social media which exposes them to an array of online sources to derive inspiration for new interior-related articles. Bloggers are content creators which means they have to come up with new ways to stand out from the sea of other bloggers, meaning their content is innovative and fresh. They may even have a new spin on a classic interior trend that you haven’t thought of, which might end up being the basis for your own home.

It offers a more human perspective on interior design

It’s common knowledge that brands and designers want a heightened and sleeker look of their interior design products and ideas. As lovely as these may appear, it can often give unrealistic expectations to viewers and discourage those looking to refresh their home – due to their inability to completely emulate these images.

Bloggers on the other hand are highly adept to taking their own photos. This generally means their own interior design isn’t shot in a professional studio with expensive lighting and equipment – and it’s this DIY aesthetic that can give a viewer a far more realistic expectation of how to decorate their own home.  Bloggers are more likely to offer ‘tips and tricks’ to decorating your home in an easy manner compared to a brand that might be styling a set with unrealistic or highly expensive interiors.

The rise of virtual online tools and mobile apps for interior design

Virtual online tools for home planning completely replace the need for stacks of pictures and magazines of home decor. From the click and drag of a mouse you can completely style a desired image of your dream home or room, with some platforms even integrating total planning costs to give you an idea of investment.

However for the purpose of easy home decorating, a mobile app or two can be all you need to synergise the inspiration you’ve collated across your desired social media channels and bring your ideas to life. Mobile apps have become highly sophisticated over the years, so much so that you can completely plan a room from the palm of your hand and a swipe of a finger. A synergy of apps can be used to collate textures and colours whilst you’re away from a desktop – and can later be used to integrate into one of the virtual online tools previously discussed.

Mobile Apps for Interior Design

Home improvement can be an overwhelming process for even the most experienced designers with a big project on their hands. However it is now far easier with the use of specifically designed mobile applications to aid with furniture/interior placement, find patterns and pantones and ultimately help you decorate your home by yourself, eliminating the need of a professional.

The IKEA Catalogue is a free extension of its infamous home planner and is available on tablet and mobile devices. Its augmented reality makes it great for quick placements of products you might be interested in buying thanks to is 3D feature – bringing the IKEA catalogue even closer to your home.

It works by allowing you to search through their print catalogue and scanning the plus signs next to certain products with your phone, allowing you to place these products in a room of your choosing – as well as having a 360 degree room view and product videos to keep you informed.

Known in the interior design world as the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” – Houzz has a comprehensive database containing millions of home images at high-resolution, organised according to style, location and room.

To compliment these apps intuitive functions, it also provides advice from existing interior designers and its own social platform that encourages you to share, like and follow other users on Houzz. This functionality encourages discussion and can give you insight into different opinions (and even more inspiration for home decor).

Curate is considered rather niche on this list of recommendations due to the fact that its intended to serve a purpose for art-goers. With Curate you’re able to display a piece of art (should this be part of the home decor you’re going for) by simply uploading it and ‘placing it’ on a wall in your existing room.

An advantage of this app is it eliminates the risk involved with trying to imagine what a piece of art will look like on your wall. Though Curate is not quite augmented reality, it can be seen as ‘photoshop’ in mobile form due to its intention of providing a fairly concrete idea as to how a piece of art will display in situ.

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