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By November 22, 2017Interior Design, interview
Svetlana Filippova Interview with Cool Shutters

Svetlana Filippova (Lana) was born in St Petersburg, Russia and is both an interior designer and painter.  Her talent for interior design began at an early age due to her natural interest in art by using paint as her chosen medium.

After graduating from an Aircraft Design course in her home city, she entered a variety of model aircraft competitions across the world before settling in the UK.

She was inspired by the textures of home furnishing and gained a new love for textiles. Her business now caters for all areas of interior designs from curtains to kitchens – and her well-traveled and cultural articulation gives her a unique edge to her approach in interiors.

How did your interior design career begin and what sparked your inspiration?

I have always been arty and creative from an early age, painting and re-designing my bedroom. But after school I took a more technical path and studied electronical and mechanical aircraft systems design. I still use my technical education in my current job on a daily basis. Once I moved to the UK in 1992, I pursued my interest in interior design having completed a two year course at College. After that I started working in the industry straight away. Now 20 years on, I also carry on with my artwork too, complementing interiors I create. 

What inspired you to start up Lana Filippova Interiors?

I have worked for other companies for a long time but I always felt constrained. I wanted to create a whole shopping experience with a beautiful showroom to match my ethos and my approach to design and lifestyle. I am pleased to say I have achieved this. I have a very good team working alongside me reinforcing my philosophy. 

What the most exciting and/or most successful project you've worked on to date?

The largest project isn’t always the most exciting. I find satisfaction in every project I do, to be honest. Just recently I completed a design and a fit out of a high end apartment on Buckingham Palace Road in London which is not “just round the corner” from us in Cheshire, presenting certain challenges especially that the client lives in Sydney. So there was a lot of e-mails going back and forth, but the project was successful and the client left me a lovely review on Houzz.co.uk Overcoming challenges and happy clients make the projects exciting. 

How often to you incorporate seasonal trends into your interiors? If none - what inspires you in the process?

I attend trade shows in Paris, Milan and London searching for the best and the newest products from around the World. I don’t follow trends, I feel I am ahead of them usually and I follow my instincts when deciding what products or manufacturers to take on board. 

What's your take on plantation shutters for interior design?

Plantation shutters can look very effective, uncluttered and chic. The space available for them must be considered but with unusual shaped windows they are sometimes the only option. 

How would you sum up your individual style in a sentence?

I would say that it is definitely not “shabby chic”, as I feel uncomfortable with clutter and chaos. In one sentence, my style is sleek, contemporary, elegant and timeless, but pushing boundaries at the same time, full of textures plaid against each other, where every item in the interior is an integral part of it. I take inspiration from my clients and at the end of the process, the interior I create belongs to them as much as it belongs to me. 

Do you have anything exciting coming up for 2018?

I have just got to the Final of the Northern Design Awards in several categories and with this in mind, I am excited to see what 2018 will bring. I always look forward to January and going to the trade shows in Paris and Milan. It’s the best shopping experience ever, as I can sours and order products from anywhere in the World, if I think they will work for my clients and will enhance interiors I will design next year. Great! 

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